Neha Dhupia takes Jujutsu training from Roadies Xtreme contestant

Mumbai: It is believed that there is no age limit to learn anything new, proving this saying right is the bold and beautiful actress Neha Dhupia. In the Delhi auditions of Roadies Xtreme, Neha was seen trying her hands on combat sport Jujutsu.

A Delhi contestant who is trained in Jujutsu explained his thought of using Jujutsu as self-defense technique against rape attempt. Impressed by his views, the Bollywood actress immediately expressed her interest in learning few Jujutsu techniques for self-protection.

Speaking about the same, a source from the sets shared, “It was Neha’s idea to learn few techniques from him. She has always been open towards spreading awareness about self-defense for girls and with that aim she decided to go ahead and learn the technique.”

What do you think about Neha Dhuipia?

“Other gang leaders and Rannvijay were surprised to see Neha’s promptness in learning the sport so quickly. After learning few steps, Neha was impressed by the contestant and also appreciated his training skills,” added the source.

The contestant not only managed to impress Neha with his skills but also other gang leaders and Rannvijay.

Gear up to catch Neha’s attempt with the combat sport! The particular episode will be aired on 25 February at 7 pm.

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