Porus’ actress Riya Deepsi carries a pepper spray and knife in her bag

Mumbai: The beautiful Riya Deepsi who plays Princess Barsine in Siddharth Kumar Tewary’s magnum opus historic show Porus will have a face to face fight with Porus (played by Laksh) in the upcoming episode.

Every actress cannot hold a sword and fight in front of the camera, but actress Riya Deepsi has that opportunity. It was a dream-come-true experience for her to play a warrior princess. The beautiful actress has also trained herself for sword-fighting and horse-riding. She believes that self-defense is the best way to protect yourself and the show has made her stronger as well.

Speaking on the fight sequence Riya said, “It was my dream to play a warrior princess and am so proud to play this role of Princess Barsine in Porus. Fighting with a sword is a different ball game altogether, I did a workshop during Mahabharat also and before Porus was on air I also have done another workshop. Laksh and our fight choreographer Deepak Das both, helped me a lot. And at the end I did complete my part. Shooting for the fight sequence was exciting and you get charged to do well.”

Riya also added, “I was a complete tomboy in my school and college days and I have also learnt Taekwondo and participated in state level championship. I feel every girl needs to know self-defense well. I carry a pepper spray and a small knife in my bag.”

In the upcoming episodes the viewers will see how Puru will get a hold on Farus (Praneet Bhatt) and drag him into the courtroom. On the other hand, Puru will give a 21-day challenge to Persians to leave Paurav rashtra and bring some freedom in the Paurav Rashtra.

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