Prachi Tehlan lifts up a heavy gas tank for Ikyawann

Mumbai: The portrayal of Prachi Tehlan’s character ‘Susheel’ in the ongoing show Ikyawann made everyone accept that a girl does not need to be ‘typical’ and ‘girl-ish’ in order to prove herself as ‘shaadi material’.

It all started when she performed a daredevil stunt by hanging at a height of 100 feet above the ground. Later Tehlan was seen fighting with the goons after she was kidnapped from her wedding venue. No matter how difficult the scenes had been, Prachi dared to take the risks.

Once again to prove her potential, Tehlan is back with another thrilling act. In the upcoming episode, she would be seen lifting up a heavy gas tank.

What do you think about Prachi Tehlan?

On one hand, she can look as beautiful as to make a guy skip his heartbeat, on the other, she can beat the shit out of anyone.

Well, that’s how an ideal girl of the 21st century should be. Isn’t it, readers?

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